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Tis the Season to Entertain!

It’s easy to get frazzled by the hustle and bustle of the holidays, especially if you are hosting houseguests, but don’t fret! Your guests aren’t white-glove inspectors, they are at your house for enjoyment. They don’t care about an immaculate, spotless house; they desire a warm inviting environment. Therefore, make sure to clean the surfaces that will be seen, such as: front porches, entryways, tables, floors and bathrooms. Then spend the rest of your time paying attention to details that will ensure your guests enjoy their experience. Provide adequate storage space that allows your guests a place to stow their coats and bags. A simple row of hooks in the foyer will do the trick. Throw pillows, not only, add an element of décor, they also add an element of comfort. Lighting is key to creating a warm environment. Avoid dark corners by keeping a well-let room, but don’t be afraid of dimming the lights to create more intimacy.
If you are hosting overnight guests this holiday season, you don’t need a spare wing to make your guests feel comfortable. You can transform your home into your very own B&B by providing a few essentials. “Extra” is the key word when hosting overnight guests. Spare linens and pillows are essential. Everyone sleeps differently; therefore, extra pillows and throw blankets are, not only a nice touch, but should be considered essential. Extra toiletries are just as crucial as spare linens. Keep travel size toiletries in a designated location in either the guest bedroom or the guest bathroom in the event that your guests forgot something. An oversize glass apothecary jar filled with extra toiletries is a practical, yet decorative way to store extra toiletries. Finally provide adequate space for guests to unpack; being able to unpack makes your guests feel more at home, and that is your ultimate goal when hosting.
Tis the Season to entertain, so deck the halls and have a stress free holiday.

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